Admission Process

Once a patient has been committed to North Mississippi State Hospital and space is available, the patient is brought to the NMSH facility by the county sheriff’s department officials. It is not necessary for the patient’s family to accompany the patient. At this time, personal possessions are inspected, a photograph is taken for the patient’s medical record, and general information is obtained from the patient. The patient is then transferred to a treatment unit. Personal possessions are inventoried on the unit. Possessions which are not allowed on the unit are inventoried by NMSH Campus Police officers and kept in the Campus Police Department until discharge.

Patients are given an orientation packet on the unit. Nurses and mental health technicians explain the overall program (unit schedules, unit rules, etc.) for the Hospital. Patients are examined by an attending psychiatrist or physician within 24 hours of admission. The patient meets with the treatment team for assessment. The treatment team includes a psychiatrist, a psychologist, nurses, a nurse practitioner, a social worker, a recreation therapist, and mental health technicians. This team will work with the patient throughout his/her stay at NMSH. Length of stay is determined by the treatment team. (Once admitted, the only way a patient can leave NMSH is by the Director’s order or through a hearing in Chancery Court.)

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